Speech writing tips

There might be a lot of instances when you have to make a speech, starting with any formal event, for work, career, study, and ending with an informal event, such as birthday, wedding or anniversary. If you have an assignment to write a speech for college, learn the characteristics of scholarly speeches, which must be necessarily followed when preparing one.

Follow these steps to write a presentable speech:

  1. Choose the topic. If your teacher has assigned you some common topic, you should narrow it down to a more specific issue.
  2. Conduct a thorough research in the field that you have to write about. Make sure that you have enough information on the main points of view on this issue, regardless of whether you agree with each of them.
  3. An important point in speech writing is the definition of the target audience. When you are working on your speech, you should remember who your potential readers are, and what will be interesting to them. Make sure that your topic is useful to your target audience.
  4. Sketch out a few basic points that you would like to mention in your speech, and develop each one in a separate paragraph. Then, group them together.
  5. Speaking about speech writing tips, one cannot forget about the importance of the supporting evidence for each important statement that you are going to do.
  6. Write an introduction. This paragraph must not be very long, just a few sentences. Start with introducing yourself, and the topic you are speaking about. In addition, you can mention how much time you need for your speech, and tell that you will be happy to answer any questions afterwards.
  7. An important point that cannon be missed when talking about how to write a speech, is remembering about the final sentence, which summarizes the speech. You have to make a brief conclusion. A perfect conclusion is highly memorable. Frequently it also has a call to action. Try to write a good ending for your speech, so it will live on in the minds of your listeners long after the speech is finished. It is very important to thank your audience for attention.

Some students have problems with choosing speech topics. When you are selecting a presentable topic for your speech, be sure to observe three main conditions:

  • You have to know the subject of your speech well
  • You have to look for the latest news and choose only the actual subject for the topic of your speech
  • You have to be passionate about the subject you are going to write about

Study and prepare difficult topics for informative speech as carefully and cautiously as you can. Although initially it may seem that the speech on "smart" topic will make it more attractive for the audience, in reality it often happens otherwise. This does not refer to "smart" topics which you are passionate about, or really have a lot of useful information. If the selected topic is too difficult for you, you may find yourself confusing terms or forgetting your arguments.

Another category, which you have to be extremely careful with, or possibly avoid, is controversial issues, which have zealous proponents and opponents. For example, it is better not to write a speech on the subject of gay marriage, evolution of the world, euthanasia and other, as a certain part of your listeners may not share your point of view, and ignore or argue with your main supporting evidence. That is why it is better to avoid such complicated issues.