The main purpose of writing a research proposal is to present a plan of a particular academic paper. Producing this work will help students highlight its key points and be prepared for writing a dissertation, thesis, or capstone project. You may not necessarily stick to the made outline, but it can be rather useful for doing further research. By the way, when you start carrying out a particular project, you have to discuss the topic with your professor first.

Writing an Exclusive Research Proposal

If you want to know how to write a research proposal of outstanding quality, follow the directions provided below:

  • Choose a topic for your work. You may also consult your professor about it. Then, you should connect it with a strategy you are intended to develop.
  • Conduct extensive research. You have to find useful material for examining your subject. By the way, while gathering information, it is of crucial importance to use authoritative sources only. These can be scientific journals, books (printed or electronic), audio files, etc.
  • When you work on the project, you should create a folder on the computer and store there all the required files.
  • During the stage of preparation, you should make helpful notes and then use them to make sub-topics. It will help you arrange your paper.
  • Before writing a research proposal, make a list of issues you have to discuss in it.
  • Determine which methods you will use to produce your academic work.
  • Show that you have taken an ethical side of the topic into account.
  • Make a brief literature review describing each source.
  • Write an introductory paragraph. Here, you have to demonstrate what matter you are going to analyze and how.
  • Make sure that you know how to organize the reference page properly paying attention to the peculiarities of a particular formatting style.

Bear in mind the following items:

  • Before making a plan, you should meet with your teacher a few times and discuss all the details concerning the paper. The most important issues are the set deadline, choosing one of the research proposal topics, and structure. You should make notes every time you consult your professor about the work. Save all the notes in your folder, so that you can use them for writing a draft.
  • It may happen that you will need to collect some statistical data or do some mathematics calculations in your project. Figures and tables are essential elements of some papers. You should know that some academic works, for example, in economics, are based on numbers. On the other hand, narrative aspect plays an important role in writing essays in such subjects as history, literature, arts, etc.
  • Your research paper proposal has to be written clearly. Avoid making mistakes and using vague terms or ambiguous words. They may confuse readers. By the way, at the stage of gathering material, you should start making references properly.
  • Do not give any long descriptions. Apply an established scientific technique for preparing the paper.
  • It would be very useful to join together all the topics related to your field of study. It would help to complete your work.
  • Use your notes and gathered facts and discuss each idea in a separate paragraph. Remember that your work has to be written in a formal style.

Integral Parts of Your Paper

A good research proposal consists of some important parts. By the way, you should agree on this item with your professor. Thus, you work may include the following:

  • The discussion of the key idea
  • The aim of work
  • Additional information concerning cultural, philosophical, or ethical aspects of the study
  • A research outline
  • The meaning of the obtained results
  • A list of terms with their meaning used in the paper
  • Key points on how to evaluate the outcome
  • A table of contents

There are some things you are obliged to do in order to produce a superior research proposal:

  • Spend a lot of time in libraries to collect valuable information about the issue you are going to discuss. Do not forget to browse the Internet.
  • Make a list of sources from which you can choose the most suitable for your work. It does not mean that you have to use all the material that you have found.
  • Write a few drafts of each paragraph.
  • You have to know exactly what subject you are going to examine in order to collect reliable data. You have to include in the bibliography page academic works written by others, extracts from books, journals, etc.

Mind the following:

  • Do not think that you will work a little and prepare top quality paper. It is high time to gather as much written matter as possible for your future dissertation or thesis.
  • Do not submit the first variant of your work. Remember that it may need some changes to be done.
  • Do not use outdated sources.
  • Write proper introduction.

Students may say: “What is a research proposal without mistakes?” However, in order to get an excellent grade, it is necessary to produce a perfect work. Pay attention to the typical mistakes that are often made by learners:

– Wordiness. You have to be concise and clear.

– Omission of important facts. You should be well-aware of the subject while conducting research.

– Being convincing. The main goal of research proposals is not to persuade somebody of something, but to form a basis for writing a thesis or dissertation.

– Improvisation.

– Using inappropriate terms and colloquial words.

You will achieve success preparing your paper if you follow these clear directions.