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How to write a Persuasive Essay

  • Pick the issue to discuss first. You need to pick the topic you are well aware of. You should have your personal opinion on it. Besides, it has to be an arguable one.
  • You should carry out profound research to be able to prove your personal point. Try to consider possible objections of your opponents. A persuasive essay should provide the answers to most burning questions.
  • Prepare an outline of your persuasive essay. It should include the strongest arguments that will be used to prove your point of view. You will have an advantage when convincing readers if you include statistical data and quotations from trustworthy sources.
  • Write a solid introduction. State why it is vital to reach consensus on the matter. The introduction should end with a thesis statement. Indicate your personal position in the thesis.
  • Every paragraph should introduce a new argument or idea and discuss its importance. Use at least three major arguments. Check a persuasive essay example to have superb visual assistance at hand.
  • Create a conclusion. You need to sum up all the findings. You may also mention that there are matters difficult to agree with. Tell the reader that your point is worth supporting, as it is the most suitable one in terms of the evidence provided.
  • Edit your essay.
  • Ask a friend or a relative to proofread your paper.

Choosing a Topic

There are hundreds perfect persuasive essay topics. There are many debatable issues worth discussing in the paper. We offer you a list of topics to use for your persuasive essays:

  • Is it worth sending a child to a boarding school??
  • Should people keep guns at homes?
  • The development of sports where both genders will participate on equal conditions.
  • The abolishment of death penalty.
  • Adoption of children by gay couples.
  • Will the decrease in the number of cars help to stop global warming?.
  • Pros and cons of a school uniform.
  • Ban on the production of violent computer games.
  • The right age to introduce a child to a smartphone.
  • Benefits of curfew for teenagers under 18.
  • Uneven welfare distribution in the world

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