A narrative essay is a type of academic writing. Its main goal is to narrate about a certain situation or event. If you have a clue what a narrative novel is, a narrative essay is its short form. The essay should tell an interesting and engaging story. It should also be fascinating. It is a creative piece of writing, therefore, the writer is encouraged to use imagination and show the level of creativity. It may look like a very short story, it is mainly focused on personal experience over else. That is why, despite a creative approach, a narrative essay is a non-fictional writing.

Immaculate Narrative Essay

We have outlined some steps to follow when writing a narrative essay. They are:

  1. Choose a suitable plot. Do not start writing anything before you have agreed on its plot. The plot determines the smoothness of the writing process.
  2. Create an outline that will capture all the evens in a chronological order. This will help you stay on the right track and mention all the events in the right order.
  3. You should mention the case under narration in the introduction. One should use colorful details to let the reader picture the setting of the scene clearly. It should grab reader’s attention at once. Try to find a good narrative essay example to use as a guide.
  4. The main body paragraphs are meant for story narration. The plot must be developed gradually. Start with the minor events that lead to the final scene.
  5. The main body should be written in accordance with the outline. You may choose from numerous variants, but a point-by-point arrangement is the most commonly used one.
  6. Finally, you must narrate the main scene of the story. Try to portray the story in the best way you can. You should appeal to reader’s emotions. You may easily find a list of intriguing narrative essay topics.
  7. At the end of your story, you may try to appeal to the feelings of your characters. You may also describe the outcome of the narrated events.
  8. Every work should end up with a proofreading. Do not hurry up with it. Take time for the best results.

Choose a Suitable Topic

There are numerous topics for narrative essays to choose from. As it is a creative type of writing, one has a chance to pick a unique topic for narration. Of course, it should be about an interesting event or a situation. An engaging case will definitely impress your reader. It should be a story of what you have experienced at some point of your life. The writer is free to choose the narration style. You may use first or third person when writing a narrative essay. Follow these simple tips to create a perfect essay that will impress your readers.