The purpose of writing a lab report is to accurately describe a research procedure. It gives us information about the carried out examinations and explains the reasons for its conducting. It also states whether the obtained results are valuable for a certain field of study or not. It is necessary to write this academic paper clearly so that readers can understand all the provided data.

Making an Exclusive Lab Report

The following directions are provided to help you understand how to write a lab report properly:

  1. Create a logical structure. These academic papers usually include five units. They are: an abstract, introductory paragraph, part presenting the experiments and results, and discussion.
  2. First of all, write an introduction. In this section, you have to tell readers about the performed experiment and explain why it is important. Propose a theory and try to predict possible tests results. You should write comprehensively using precise terms. By the way, you can also provide users with additional information about the subject so that they can understand your lab report better. After that, you should write about the outcome. Present and analyze the data obtained during tests.
  3. Go to the discussion paragraph. It deals with analyzing the obtained results. You have to determine whether they correspond closely to the theory and demonstrate their importance. Do not forget to indicate possible mistakes. You may also offer alternative interpretation of the experiment and highlight some defects.
  4. Start writing the part that deals with the conducted tests. Here, you have to show which approaches you have used to do the examination. It does not mean that you have to write everything in detail. However, this unit should be rather informative to let other people perform the same experiment. All the significant things that you have noticed during the procedure should be also included in this paragraph.
  5. Go to the abstract section. Even though it is the first unit of all lab reports, it is much easier to write it when all the material is gathered. This part is a brief summary of the whole project. It presents the outcome of the experiment.
  6. Cite quotations properly. The most commonly used lab report format is APA or MLA. Make a title page.

Choosing a Topic

Students write these academic papers to conduct experiments. Thus, selecting a topic, you should consider the subject you are writing in and the type of a test you are going to perform. For instance, the following examinations can be described in this kind of work:

  • chemical interaction between the ions of silver with water;
  • the effect of carbon dioxide on the ph water;
  • the interaction between oxygen and sulfur;
  • the influence of ultraviolet waves on the structure of food.

While writing different parts of a lab report, you should remember the following:

  1. Its title should be concise, but informative. It is the first thing that users see when they start reading your paper. It should help them understand what they are going to deal with.
  2. Do you want to know whether you have produced top quality report? Try to answer the question about whether someone else can do the same experiment using your work.
  3. Each formal lab report has to be properly formatted. It helps readers find the information they are looking for without reading the whole paper.
  4. Users may read your work in the order they want. At first, they may read an abstract. If it interests them, they can jump to the concluding paragraph in order to find out the results of the conducted tests. In case the conclusion is rather unusual, users will definitely read the whole writing project.
  5. All laboratory reports have to be written in a formal style. You should not use a lot of personal pronouns and vague terms. Do not make very long sentences as they may confuse readers.

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