Steps in Preparing a Great Expository Essay

An expository essay can have a scholarly, analysis, and descriptive characters. The first one usually thoroughly explores a certain process. The second type analyzes a strategy that is used for examining a particular work. The third one provides detailed guidelines on how to do something or describes a concept. It is sometimes very hard to distinguish between these three types. However, it can be easier when you chose a topic for your work and decide how to develop the main idea. Besides, it is also good to know a precise expository essay definition. It is rather helpful in preparing such a work.

Handy Tips to Follow while Producing This Essay

  1. Select an interesting topic. It is good to know a lot about the subject you are going to discuss. Besides, reading more about it will bring you benefits only. In this case, you will be able to examine the matter fully. The topic has to be narrow, not broad. It will help make an essay original.
  2. It is necessary to collect relevant material for the paper. You can use books, online sources, newspaper articles, etc. The main thing is that all the resources have to be reputable. It should be admitted that you have to make an expository essay outline. It will simplify the writing process.
  3. Write a thesis statement. It has to combine all the points you are going to deal with.
  4. Determine how you will organize your paper. If you want to understand whether your approach is appropriate for covering the topic, consider the following items:
    • Cite an example
    • Identify a cause and study its effect
    • Compare the matter with that from another category
    • Perform a close analysis of the issue
    • Justify your statement
  5. Prepare a draft. Single out the key points of you expository essay. Conduct in-depth research to gather useful information about the matter and present compelling arguments to support it.
  6. Start writing the body of your work. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence related to the thesis statement. Then, state concrete facts to support the key point.
  7. Write a reasonable conclusion. It should logically summarize your writing project. Try to make readers investigate the subject afterwards. However, do not provide new information in this section.
  8. Finally, write an introduction. It has to be informative, so that users can understand what they are going to read about. Furthermore, this unit should interest readers in the topic.
  9. Make a proper expository essay format. It is an essential aspect of each academic work.

How to Choose a Topic

There are plenty of topics for writing expository essay. You can pick the one from various areas such as culture, economics, marketing, etc.

Take a look at the following list of suggested subjects:

  • The influence of earphones on hearing.
  • Why do models suffer from anorexia?
  • Immigration is the cause of economics crisis.
  • Cyber bullying – is it harmful?