I remember my stepfather signing a heap of papers every single night since I was nine years. I always paid careful attention and asked if this heavy work was not stressful for him. However, he contradicted my thoughts with a face filled with happiness and pride for his work. I remember asking for myself, "How can a person like this heavy job?" Then I realized that all the peeve with his job was no more than implied love. My love for economics was growing and becoming more intense over the time. Therefore, I decided that I would work like my stepfather does. Now, my long-term goal is to become one of the best economists in my country. My love for economics was triggered by the influence I derived from my stepfather, my math skills, and my desire to change my country.

My desire to study economics was triggered by my stepfather's dedication when working for the improvement of my country's economy. My stepfather works with a high level of professionalism and integrity to ensure that my country's economy performs at its best. I cannot forget to mention that he is a graduate from Southern Methodist University. I was mainly motivated by his skills and extensive knowledge relating to my country's economy. This did not only trigger my desire to study economics, but it also made me desirous to pursue the course at Southern Baptist University. I have no doubt that SMU is the place to access the excellence that I desire in the field of economics. I fit in Southern Methodist University because of my desire for economics, which is offered at the university and taught by a highly qualified staff. I am confident that I would gain the desired professional skills and experience to contribute to my country's economy as soon as I graduate at this prestigious university.

Since I was very young, I developed a great interest in mathematics compared to other subjects. My massive love for mathematics has played an instrumental role in my choice of the economics major that I would like to pursue at Southern Methodist University. I am fully aware that economics demands extensive mathematical skills that help in the analysis of different phenomena. I believe that I will be able to fit into Southern Methodist University easily because of my sharpness in mathematics. My love for mathematics and the great skills that I possess would make it easier for me to keep up with the academic standards at the university. I will fit into this university because I am competitive and I would be able to move along with others and put forward outstanding performances because of my love for this major that I chose myself.

I want to make a big difference in Angola, my home country. I believe that Southern Methodist University is the home of professionals and it will give me the opportunity to learn new ways that would make it easier for me to find solutions to diverse economic crises that apply to my country. I am passionate about being part of the greatest economists in Angola and making significant changes to the overall economy. I am confident that I would gain the desired skills and experience in economic matters when I join Southern Methodist Universities. I know that it has a supportive environment and an experienced staff that would nurture me into a quality economic pedigree. My desire to become a great economist in Angola makes me a suitable student for Southern Methodist University because of its focus on the production of professionals who observe the required integrity standards.

Furthermore, I chose Sothern Methodist University because there are several people who have graduated from there, and they are doing well in business. Another key motivation is that SMU offers a wide range of degree programs, mostly economics and business related courses. For instance, my stepfather and my elder brother who have graduated in business and finance from there told me that the university equips students with good moral and ethical principles that are applicable in any business environment. For example, in SMU business is a standard unit to every person doing any business or economics-related degree course. Thus, the Southern Methodist University's environment becomes much better to invest in because it is situated in a country with developed economic knowledge. Additionally, the United States is one of the most popular countries in the world for business, so jobs are guaranteed to students of good quality and academic performance. I really want to become one of these brief students and also give my contribution as an economist in the world. This is an incentive to me and to others who want to study economics thinking in the universities of the United States as a perfect choice. For example, academicians from United States solved the 2008 economic crisis. They utilized the Federal Reserve tool to prevent total economic collapse. The use of such knowledge is a clear indication that United States universities are competent in imparting crucial knowledge to students. It is also a demonstration that they teach practical and theoretical knowledge that is applicable to global economies.

In conclusion, I have a great desire to join Southern Methodist University because of my desire to study economics like my father did at the same university, I have massive interest in mathematics, and because I want to make a difference in the Angolan economy. I believe that Southern Methodist University is the institution of choice for anyone who wants to excel in business and economics. It will be my pleasure to be considered for a place as a student at SMU. I am unique because of my versatility in both academic matters and non-academic matters. I am also a sociable person who believes in high morals and integrity in daily operations. I will easily fit into the Southern Methodist University community as a student focused on excellence.

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