When students are asked to write an essay in any subject, they think that professors set too many writing tasks, especially if they are given a certain topic. At the same time, when professors allow learners to choose a topic on their own, students are also unsatisfied since they cannot make up their choice and do not know which essay topics are good enough to research them in detail. Such situation can be called “a dead end,” but we would like to share some opinions of how to make the smart choice of paper topics with you.

Explore the Best Essay Topics!

Professor’s grading depends much on the essay topic you choose. Some professors can read your title only and judge if the paper is success or failure. Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of choosing a suitable paper topic if you want to attain the best results in your academic writing.

Focus on Extraordinary Topics Only

  1. If your professor allowed you to make up your own topic, you should think about the specific discipline area that interests you the most. Good essay topics are those that reflect your interest to make your own contribution to the research.
  2. You are welcome to write down some possible topics, think what you know about each, and if you are able to find many research ideas. It is indeed important if the topic was previously explored or it remains under-researched.
  3. Decide on the topic and analyze it. Think if it is broad or narrow. A broad topic is the one that provokes many ideas in your mind. If you do not know how to systematize those ideas because there are too many of them, it means that the focus is far too broad and you need to narrow it down. You should concentrate on the single idea in your topic. Otherwise, your reader will find nothing more than a mix of all possible thoughts in one paper.
  4. Regardless of college essay topics, teachers ask students to introduce some outside research ideas to prove the validity of writer’s claims. While choosing your topic, you have to ensure that there are enough printed and online sources that can be further used in your writing.

Rules that Always Help

  1. You can always find some good essay topic ideas on the Internet. Some websites offer extraordinary topics that will make the process of topic selection easier.
  2. It is always important to take into account if you already know something about the topic or you will have to be involved in the extensive reading process before writing takes place.
  3. Do not think that by choosing a very complex topic you will surprise your professor. The goal of every writing task is to cover professor’s instructions as for paper structure, content, presentation of ideas, etc. If you do not understand the topic, how will you deal with the essay content?
  4. At the same time, essay topics “Abortion,” “Drunk Driving,” “Gun Control,” etc. are too hackneyed because teachers have read thousands of students’ papers with similar topics. Try to introduce something new in your topic.
  5. Your topic should bring a new perspective. You should be original and highlight the problem in different light.
  6. Many teachers are always pleased to help students with the choice of essay topic. Therefore, if you are not sure what to do with the topic, please consult with your teacher.
  7. Try to find out which topics were chosen by your classmates. The chances of getting an excellent grade will increase if your topic is original. If two students choose the same topic, professor will have an option of comparing two documents and choose a winner.