Probably all your teachers have told you that introduction is usually the most essential paragraph in any piece of writing. No matter what home assignment you have to do, there is always a need to pay proper attention to the introductory paragraph. Essay introduction is the paragraph that makes the first impression. Thus, even if you have included brilliant ideas in the main body, the reader can stop reading your paper after introduction, claiming that the beginning is dull and vague; so what’s the point of reading further?

How to Compose an Essay Introduction

A good introduction must always include a thesis statement apart from some general ideas of what the paper will explore. In the first sentences, the reader should get acquainted with the topic and move on to the key sentence – thesis statement, which should clearly present writer’s position and the purpose of writing. If you are not sure how to write an essay introduction, please check our writing guidelines presented below.

Stages for Writing

  1. Pre-plan the scope of writing and the focus of your future essay. In essay introduction examples, you can see that the paper must be based on a specific question and present a concise thesis statement.
  2. Outline the main points you would like to present in the body and restate them in introduction. Note that there should be no more than 3-4 key points for discussion.
  3. Work on the thesis statement. Since it is the core of the whole paper, make it as specific as possible. If your professor gave you the question, do not simply restate the question but provide a clear answer as to how the issue can be resolved.
  4. Make sure that your introduction does not contain irrelevant details. Sometimes students include some arguments in the form of statistics, quotes, etc. in the introduction, but it should take place in the main body.

Points to Take into Account

  • Many students do not know how to start an essay introduction. You should remember that this paragraph is all about attracting readers’ attention. Thus, what you need to do is to find some controversial facts, intriguing details or ideas of other people and place them in the first sentences. This will help you grab readers’ attention and make your introduction compelling.
  • In introduction essay, you should clearly mention what your main body paragraphs will discuss. For instance, if you analyze a management theory from different perspectives, your essay introduction should not be based on what management is, but outline those perspectives. The reader wants to know what the paper will include, not just some general facts about the topic.
  • If you have much to say in your thesis statement, you can dedicate 2 full sentences instead of providing one extensive sentence that takes half of the paragraph. Without thesis statements, papers do not show any significant value and students are not able to get good grades.