Essay Conclusion Writing

For sure, many students do not realize the importance of writing an essay conclusion and take this part for granted. They think that since it is the last paragraph, the reader will not pay attention to it. However, in academic writing, a concluding paragraph is as important as introduction. The main point of conclusion is not to make reader bored with a simple summary but restate the main ideas in a clear and concise way. Therefore, if you have already written most of the essay and do not know how to conclude it, please check our online writing tips.

Writing a Conclusion in Detail

  • Check the content of your paper. You should read the introduction carefully and pay attention to the thesis statement. Essay conclusions are based on the introductory ideas.
  • Your goal is to reword the major points without distorting the meaning. Sometimes students choose inappropriate synonyms that do not suit the context. Therefore, pay attention to the word choice in your sentences.
  • A college essay conclusion should include a statement of importance of topic discussion. In 1-2 sentences, you have to mention why you chose the topic and why it is important to contribute to the further research. However, this point is optional and your professor can provide you with some specific instructions about how the conclusion should look like.
  • Your conclusion must not be longer than introduction. Those two parts must be approximately equal in length.
  • Ensure that your introduction relates to the thesis statement and does not provide any new ideas.
  • Do not include any in-text citations in conclusion.
  • The last paragraph should give a sense of completeness. Good essays should end with outstanding ideas that will make the paper memorable.
  • Proofreading is always necessary for all paper parts.

Rules for Conclusion Writing

  • While reading your conclusion, the reader should not have a question “So what?” You are supposed to come to the logical ending of the paper. Do not provide any additional analysis of the research data and do not try to show the paper from a completely different perspective. If you have chosen one side, adhere to it till the end.
  • Good essay conclusions should be fit into 1 paragraph (if you write a typical essay for 3-4 main body paragraphs). However, if you write an essay for 2000 words and more, it would be better to conclude your ideas in 2 paragraphs since there will be much to discuss. However, your goal is not to reword every single idea from the main body but its topic sentences only.
  • You can always end your essay in a creative way. Do not hesitate to find some sample essays on the web to be sure how the paper can finish. It does not mean that you plagiarize. You simply look at the possible writing techniques to see how to create a good conclusion in your paper.
  • You can always call to action in your essay conclusion, making readers interpret the already written facts and choose your side. In addition, rhetorical questions can also be an excellent way to end the paper. The choice is always up to you.