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How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

When you need to write such an essay, you should explain how a certain event or condition translates into a specific effect. This means that your goal is to show how one event or condition results in another. In the majority of cases, you should highlight how various causes lead to one effect, or how only one event or condition has become the cause of various consequences. 

The process of completing any type of essay should be taken in several stages, and of course, the format of each essay is of great importance as well. In general, the majority of essays have the same structure, which comprises three key parts. If you have a close look at various examples of the cause and effect essays that are provided online, you will be able to see that these key parts are , such as the introduction with a clear and original thesis statement, the body part, which usually consists of several paragraphs, and the conclusion. Cause and effect essays are no exception to the above-mentioned rule. The following genre of essay comprises these key parts; although there are several notable adjustments that should always be considered. If you do not want to delve too deeply into all peculiar features of this type of essay, you can always buy a cause and effect essay from our trusted company that has been in the business of online academic writing for several decades already.

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How to write a cause and effect essay parts

Let us consider an example where the cause and effect essay topic is our natural environment and its pollution. In the first section of the introduction part, you should give clear definitions of the terms “natural environment and pollution.” In the next section, you should focus on the relationships between various causes of environmental pollution types and their effects on the natural environment.

After the introduction part, there should be the main body, which usually includes several paragraphs. These paragraphs should be divided into those devoted to different causes of pollution and those devoted to various effects that pollution has on the natural environment. It is recommended to use different tables, charts or diagrams to clearly state your points of view. Consider that it is up to you to choose how a cause and effect essay should look and to decide on the format for your essay body parts.

When completing your cause and effect essay, the last part is to be the conclusion. Like in other types of essay, the conclusion should be very powerful and strong. So, the question may arise: how to write the concluding part? The conclusion should be devoted to predicting possible future effects, as well as the steps or measures that should be taken to eliminate all the causes. It is considered the best and most useful method for completing cause and effect essays.

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How to write a cause and effect essay: Free Tips

  1. To begin with, choose a deed, a phenomenon, or an event for analysis. Then you should ask yourself a simple question “What occurred?,” and then try to give an answer to the question “Why did it occur?”
  2. Prepare a cause and effect essay outline.
  3. Indicate the key points of your future essay in the introduction so that readers comprehend in general what your essay is going to dwell on.
  4. Complete the list of all the causes and give their detailed description so that readers can understand the whole situation.
  5. Write down the list of all the effects, illustrating the connection between reasons and consequences. Your readers should clearly understand how you have managed to arrive at one or another.
  6. Explain in detail why your analysis is significant.
  7. Finish your essay with the conclusion.

Topics for cause and effect essays

Since any condition, event or deed has both its causes, as well as consequences, there is a huge number of various topics for your future essay. It is advisable for you to choose a topic that you are knowledgeable about or familiar with. These may be one of the topics for your cause effect essay:

  1. The impact of a volcano’s eruption on different living organisms;
  2. Xenophobic prejudices in the United Kingdom and the United States of America;
  3. Pros and Cons of Euthanasia;
  4. Positive effects of marihuana;
  5. Factors that result in a nervous breakdown;
  6. Economic consequences of terrorism in the European Union;
  7. Effects of political rebellions in African countries.

Sometimes your teachers or professors can allow you to choose any of various cause effect essay topics prepared by them in advance, or you can suggest your own topic that should be agreed upon with your mentors.