Every student, who wants to get a degree in a certain area, has to write a dissertation. Thus, he/she presents an academic project to gain a certain qualification. Learners should understand that it is a long piece of writing that is based on in-depth research. It is necessary to remember that one has to use reputable sources to gather useful material for the paper. While producing this work, you have to prove that you are able to critically evaluate the matter you are analyzing. You have to show that you know how to apply the knowledge gained during the years of studying.

How to Succeed in Dissertation Writing

Students usually have enough time to prepare their academic paper. However, this is not the reason for putting away the project. Instead, you should establish a timetable according to which you will write your work. If you want to prepare a top-notch dissertation, follow the tips given below:

  1. Name all the courses you have taken and subjects you have studied to get a particular degree. Decide in which academic field you would like to write your work.
  2. When you have made your choice, try to choose a narrow topic for the paper. You should single out a particular problem you would like to address or a concept you would like to develop.
  3. After that, you have to formulate a proposal which will show the significance of your work. Once it is approved by the board, you may start writing an outline. It is an important element of all dissertations, as it presents what parts the academic work includes.
  4. While writing any type of paper, students use different approaches. Thus, you should think which methods will be employed to produce your work.
  5. Write your paper chapter by chapter, going from theoretical part to the practical one. You have to make a literature review including information about previously conducted research on the chosen topic. You may also need to provide some statistical data to make the project complete.
  6. At this stage, your professor will revise the paper. When all the corrections are taken into account, you can start writing a conclusion. Otherwise, what is a dissertation without a concluding paragraph? It summarizes all the results obtained while conducting research. In this section, you should also illustrate their importance and connect them with the theoretical part of the work.
  7. The last step is to proofread the paper. You should understand that a dissertation editing process is a crucial aspect of successful writing. Read each page for a few times to make sure that it is absolutely free from mistakes.

Choose a Great Topic

In order to select a superior subject, you should not only be interested in it but also know at least something about the discussed matter. In case you cannot move on with writing a dissertation because you do not know which topic to choose, try to underline three main items that you are intended to discuss. Then, develop each point. It will help you make a choice. However, do not overestimate your capabilities. The thing is that you will have to complete the paper on time. Therefore, do not pick too complex topic and make sure you will meet the deadline.

Take the following points into consideration:

  • A dissertation is a very important project and every learner wants to succeed in producing it. Thus, you have to be sure that you have plenty of time to write it properly. It is understandable that you want to start writing practical part of the project faster. However, you should not be in a hurry. In this case, you may fail to carry out a superior project. First, it is necessary to make an overall literature review and make sure that no one has previously examined your subject. The preparation period will take approximately the third part of all time given to you to produce the work.
  • Use reliable sources only. They have to contain correct information about the explored matter. Besides, you should not use outdated books, journals, or other resources. By the way, you have to know whether they are available or not. You should think about it when you just begin to write a dissertation proposal. Otherwise, you will not be able to complete the assignment effectively.
  • Before you start preparing your work, you have to learn to cite quotations in the right way. Making proper references is an essential element of the writing process. You can record the details of each used source on separate sheets of paper and then organize an appropriate reference page.
  • Mind plagiarism! It is a very serious accusation. It can discredit you as a student. You do not even imagine how many learners cannot graduate from colleges or universities because of this problem. Why does it happen that students submit plagiarized dissertation writing? There are different reasons for it. For example, some of them do not know how to format the paper according to a certain style. You should discuss this issue with your professor. It should be done before the whole work is written. The best way is to talk about it when you start producing a draft. If you want to submit an original academic project, you have to cite all the quotation in accordance with the set rules.