How to write a good critical essay

A critical essay is the analysis and interpretation of any kind of writing, painting, piece of music or play. This kind of essay is written with an academic purpose, and usually contains a strong argument. Critical essays are often confused with reviews, but in fact, they have more similarity to formal essays.

How to write a good critical essay?

A text, play, painting, film or piece of music has to be selected by you. You should make sure that you have enough information about the subject of your critical lens essay before you start writing. It is also necessary to conduct a thorough research of the material. Articles, books, magazines and online materials are suitable only if the references are scholarly. You should evaluate the sources you use to determine their credibility. If you use unreliable sources when writing any kind of paper, you may damage your own credibility as an author.

When writing a critical analysis essay, you should first write a body consisting of three or more paragraphs. Each of them must contain a certain question that supports the argument. Next, you have to write a conclusion, which summarizes the points and the argument. At the very end, you can write the introduction. In this case, you will know that it presents your topic clearly. The introduction must contain a strong thesis statement. When you finish writing your essay, ask someone to check it for grammar and spelling mistakes.

Now, when you know what is a critical essay and what are the main points in writing it, be sure to learn also the key points to consider when working on your essay.

You should think about how to write a critical essay on the chosen topic, evaluate this text, picture, or piece of music, and evaluate it. It is necessary to determine what kind of art it is, does it educate, does it inform, does it instruct, or does it entertain? What is its purpose? You should also determine whether it achieves the aims set by its author. If the text does not accomplish the purpose, you should explain, why. At the same time, a critical essay should not simply accept the points of views of others. It should analyze and propose some alternative approaches and views.

The main thrust of the essay should be reflected in the body of the essay. When you write three body paragraphs, make sure that the primary and secondary alternative points are presented in them in the most appropriate way.

When writing a critical essay you should avoid truisms and rhetorical questions, as they are very doubtful and weak ways to form a strong argument. To create a point, it is always better to use the findings as a source of authoritative authors. The most common and efficient technique is to appeal to evidence, facts and emotions, which are supported by the citation.