A comparative essay is a typical academic writing aimed at examining and comparing items. There are two major types of this assignment. You may try to compare the items on the basis of their similarities or their differences. It may be either a comparative or a contrast essay. Our tips will help students who want to find out how to write a compare and contrast essay or seek for improvement in writing.

Compare and Contrast Essay Writing Steps

  • As it is a comparative essay, you need to pick at least two items to discuss. They should have similar or opposing features. You should have enough information to focus on.
  • Write an outline of your paper. You may use compare and contrast essay examples to check how a well-crafted outline should look like.
  • Now you need to choose the organizational structure. You can start with the similarities and go on with the differences of the items or vice versa. This is a point-by-point arrangement. Or you may discuss the qualities of one item in one paragraph and then make the same evaluation for the second in another paragraph. It is a typical block arrangement.
  • Now it is time for introduction. The introduction should end with a clear thesis statement. You need to provide reasons why these items have been chosen by you for the comparison or contrast.
  • The main body paragraphs should be written in accordance with the structure. You may choose either block or point-by-point arrangement. Try to include all these aspects in your outline, prior to writing process. Compare and contrast essay example may be an extremely useful guide.
  • Conclusion provides a clear answer to the questions set in the introduction. It finalizes the results of your comparative paper.
  • Take a break after you are done with the final draft of your essay. Proofread it thoroughly in a few days.
  • Ask a friend to read the essay before handing it in.

How to Pick a Topic

There are hundreds of suitable topics for a compare and contrast essay. You may discuss anything, including food, sports, lifestyle, hobbies, gender issues, natural phenomena, and works of art. Basically, you may compare and contrast anything people may have viewpoints on. But still, there are some elements one should consider before writing a compare contrast essay. The items or objects under consideration should have something in common. You cannot compare something completely different, like a volcano eruption and football. Consider this when picking the items for comparison or contrast.

We have prepared a list of compare and contrast essay topics. Use them as a sample when choosing one for yourself.

  • Watching a movie or reading a book.
  • Which pet is better: a cat or a dog?
  • The difference between discrimination and prejudice.
  • Which is safer: playing outdoors or playing online video games?
  • Living in a city or in countryside?
  • Which players are more important in football: offensive or defensive ones?
  • Which holiday children enjoy more: Christmas or Thanksgiving?
  • The difference between bullying and merely being rude?
  • Which beach to visit during spring break: LA vs Florida?