All learners of final courses are obliged to carry out a capstone project. It summarizes all that students have learned during the years of studies. Such a project can also explore a certain field of knowledge which is a part of educational program.

Useful Capstone Project Writing Directions

A good capstone project should demonstrate all the skills that students have learnt while studying various subjects. This paper is prepared to show what learners have understood attending lectures and seminars. It is necessary to remember that this academic work has to propose an effective solution to the identified problem.

Learners find this assignment difficult to complete. However, there is an excellent opportunity to find out how to do it. Draw your attention to the tips provided below:

  • Try to remember your first year of studies. Take a sheet of paper and write down all the academic papers that you have written. You should also mention all the presentations that you have made. Besides, do not forget about the exams you have taken. After making this list, briefly describe each item.
  • You should understand that your academic project has a lot in common with a research paper. Therefore, you may use your works written before in order to get some fresh capstone project ideas.
  • Pick a topic and consult your professor about it. It should be fascinating and clearly state what you are going to discuss.
  • Use a large number of authoritative sources. You are free to gather information from books, scientific journals, periodicals, websites, etc. Then, it is necessary to reference them appropriately. It would be good for you to spend much time reading useful literature. Thus, you can find much more material relevant to your topic.
  • Take all the collected information into account and start writing a draft.
  • What is a capstone project without a logical conclusion and excellent introduction? It is a poorly written paper. Therefore, do not forget to write these two sections. In this way, you will tell users what your work is about and prepare a great thesis statement.

How to Choose an Appropriate Topic?

If your teacher allows you to select the subject for your paper, pick the one you are well aware of. While producing your work, you have to show your research and writing skills and use an objective approach to examining the matter. Your project should be useful for readers and the obtained results have to contribute to a certain academic field. If you do not know where to start with – find an exact capstone project definition in order to understand what it is.

Bear in mind the following essential items:

  • This project is more like a thesis. It shows the examination board what qualification you have gained.
  • A senior capstone project should be about 50 pages long. It should contain all the used sources. Besides, this paper has to include a table of contents, reference page, abstract, and a title page. Therefore, it will be considered an academic work written up to standard. Everyone will understand that you have spent much time preparing it.

Remember that all the references have to be properly organized.