Useful Advice How to Ace a Test is to Study when Sleepy

Try studying several minutes just before going to bed. During sleep, our brain consolidates new memories, and there is a great possibility you will remember better whatever you reviewed right before dozing off.

Space It out

One of the new study strategies is called “spaced repetition”, requires dividing information into little pieces and reviewing them systematically during long time. So, do not try to memorize all the material in one sitting. Instead, look through several lines every day and recapitulate each lesson before learning the next one.

Switch It Up

It is better to study a bunch of various topics in one sitting instead of sticking to one subject. This technique, among other study strategies, helps to select the right way for finding the best solution to a problem. For instance, if you have to do series of sums, which require division, addition or multiplication operations, it means that you should make a pause, give it a thought, and select the best strategy.

Write It Out

Use your penmanship skills. When you write something down by hand, you keep it in your memory much more securely than when you type it. Start by rewriting weekly the vital notes on the new sheet of paper.

Take Care of Yourself

Take whatever you need to relax: healthy food, walks around the campus, 30 minutes of favorite TV episodes. When you know that there will be a little reward after you have done several more pages, it is much easier to beat procrastination while learning important notes.

Own the Omegas

Another very important piece of advice for students is taking Omega-3 fatty acids that are known for brain-boosting potential. You can get enough Omega-3 by eating nuts, certain kinds of fish, olive oil. Combination of omega-3 and omega-6 helps to reduce stress before tests.

Therefore, here are several useful pieces of advice for students to make the educational year easier:

· Try learning before going to bed.

· Use “space repetitions.”

· Study a bunch of different material at one time.

· Write important notes by hand.

· Treat yourself better.

· Remember about Omega-3 and Omega-6.