Preparation for living in a college dorm

  • Current students are your best advisors when researching on a dorm.

Charley lived in Unit 3 and Clark Kerrwhen he studied at UC Berkeley. Even though he researched Clark Kerrwell before moving in, he did not know that it is more expensive than Unit 3. Moreover, Clark Kerris full of sports players who constantly made noise. Following the suggestion of current students, Charley moved in Unit 3, which appeared to be a more comfortable place to live.

  • Honors dorms do not lack a social life.

Sarah chose the honors dorm when studying at theUniversity of Arizona. Despite the stereotypes, her life was full of parties and BBQs with other students who were both academically successful and enjoyed their student life to full extent.

  • You will find life-long friends.

Victoria, who also studied at theUniversity of Arizona, made life-long friendship with her roommate. She says that everyone in the dorm is desperately looking for communication. This should be your primary reference point when looking for friends in the dorm.

  • It is necessary to be sociable.

If you make the right steps, socialization will be easy for you. For example, Sarah suggests leaving your door open and welcome random visitors. Victoria adds that taking part in the activities organized on the campus is a great chance to meet new people and communicate with them.

  • You do not have to be the best friends with your roommate.

Actually, Rick’s random roommate appeared to be a real jerk. Rick tried hard to get used to the roommate’s habits, and after several conflicts, he finally learned that being friendly is enough to maintain a good relationship between roommates.

Many students compare dorm life to a minefield of unknown challenges. They are right! Be ready to overcome these challenges by preparing yourself for the hardships of dorm life.