Best fall ideas

1. Barn Dance. Traditional Barn Dances is a good variant to spend autumn evenings and nights. You may meet new people and, who knows, even your whole life love. Just try! You will never forget the feelings of cold evenings and the sound of music in the fresh air.

2. Travels. One of the best things to do in autumn is traveling. You may choose to go to the mountains. Fallen leaves, fresh air, the gorgeous view of the peaks and fall silence will make your trip unforgettable. Also, you may try a Scenic Drive. It will allow you to see the most beautiful and famous autumn landscapes. Besides, you may use your own car and manage time by yourself.

3. Pumpkin and apple season.Autumn is the time for picking pumpkins and apples. Many towns and villages organize free pumpkin picking. It is an amusing event, which is full of joy. You will surely get fun there through participating in various funny contests. Of course, you will make the pumpkin of your own with funny eyes and smiling mouth. You may also arrange visiting an apple orchard and even pick there a few apples. Even you do not like apple pie or juice, visiting the orchard is a brilliant way of relaxing and having a walk in the fresh air.

4. Just relax! Fall is an excellent time to relax after the busy summer. One of the variants is to go camping. Do not be afraid of cold weather or rains! Just take warm clothes and be ready to make a fire for cooking hot drinks and food.

5. Take photos. Autumn is a perfect season for taking photos. Just look around and you will find amazing landscapes, nature of all colors and the beauty of the autumn sky. Do not lose such a chance!

6. Labor Day weekend. Labor Day gives an opportunity to spend a weekend to remember. One of the ways is to open a new football season. It is a great chance to spend time with your family, relatives, and best friends playing football and having fun somewhere in the backyard or in a park.