When students are assigned to write an article review, they do not always clearly understand what they are supposed to do. Even journalists sometimes need helpful tips in order to fulfill the given task appropriately. When you are asked to prepare the summary or present a critique of a particular article, it means that you have to do a review. The thing is that all the above-mentioned terms are synonyms. Surely, there are some peculiarities of producing these academic works. In this case, a professor should indicate what exactly he/she expects to read.

Good Direction for Article Review Writing

When you are asked to prepare an article review, you will be given a piece of writing you have to work on. It is usually an article on a complicated topic which is hard to comprehend. You may need to make notes and read the document for a few times. Besides, it may be necessary to use a thesaurus to understand the meaning of some words and word-combinations. While preparing this paper, you should make a plan and decide which items have to be highlighted. All article reviews are written in formal style in accordance with the established educational standards. It is very important to follow the instructions provided by your professor.

Down below, there are useful tips on completing this assignment:

  1. Read the given article attentively. Note every issue that you do not fully understand. After that, you will find its meaning using some helpful sources. By the way, you can browse the Internet or go to the library to gather information about the unknown items. Then, you can use your notes while carrying out your writing project.
  2. If you are unaware of subject of the article, you may talk to someone who is competent in the area. For instance, if the text is about medicine, you can go to hospital and talk with doctors or nurses. If it is about teaching little children, you can go to the kindergarten and talk to a nursery teacher. Specialists will help you understand how to write an article review.
  3. Gather enough relevant material.
  4. Start preparing a draft. Remember that you have to write a paper criticizing and summarizing facts. It should not be a simple description. You have to perform careful analysis of the subject.
  5. It is rather smart to write the first paragraph in the last turn. Thus, your summary will be provided in the right way. After that, you should connect all paragraphs and present a superior review.

In case you want to take a look at the already completed academic work, you can always use a handy article review template.

Selecting the Subject for the Work

Usually, teachers give their students the topic they should write on. However, learners sometimes need to pick a subject on their own. Mostly, everyone chooses the topic he/she is interested in. If you cannot make a choice, you are free to consult with your friends whose opinion matters to you. You may also look through some books related to the topic. They can give you some new ideas. Before writing an article review, make sure that you do know what it focuses on.