When applying for college, a student is required to write a college admission essay. Usually it is a very short writing, mainly under 600 words. Very few colleges ask for a three page paper. That is why it is important to be very concise in what you write.

Tips for Writing a College Admission Essay

There are different types of college admission essay. These are personal statement, a letter of intent, statement of purpose, etc. There is no general guide for writing an admission essay that will guarantee success. Every essay has to be original and include unique content. The student needs to demonstrate his/ her personal traits, skills, and specialties that will help join college.

Admission Essay Writing Steps

1. You need to find information about the college you are applying to. The best way to do this is to check their web site. Learn about the values it has and what their mission is. Although, there is a typical format of the college admissions essay, each educational institution may have specific requirements. They will help you save time by simplifying your essay and telling what exactly you are expected to write about.

2. Always prepare a plan and an outline. You may prepare a list to include in your admission essay. You should be ready to provide answers to questions like “Why have I chosen this very institution?” “Why am I the best candidate for this program?” “Do I have any talents that will help me adjust to this institution fast?” “Do I have any fundamental knowledge in the field I am applying for?”

3. The plan should be ready before you start writing your essay. Include some general information about your life. You need to mention only relevant experiences. They all have to be related to your major or your ability to study. Tell why you are motivated to study in this very field and why you have chosen this particular college. Mention some hobbies and activities you are interested in. Explain how they have assisted you in the development process. No matter how many college admission essays you are going to write, all of them should be unique.

4. You should address the committee directly. Conclusion is the best part of essay for this. All the writing should be done in a formal style. Explain the member of the committee how much entering their college means to you. It is wise to end your essay with the words statement that you will be looking forward to their reply.

5. College admission essay format is an important component of any letter. You need to take a break before proofreading your paper. Revise parts that sound too general or may be irrelevant. Remove any controversial points or those that may be understood by the committee members improperly. First of all, you need to present your personality, your abilities, and talents that relate to your future major. It is not enough to write how much you want to enter the institution.

Key Points

  • Always set an appropriate tone for your paper. Make the paper sound formal. Show your respect for the committee. Every single essay should be tailored to suit a particular college. Carry out some research in terms of the college you plan to apply to. Browse their website to pick a proper tone. This does not guarantee enrollment, but gives you an advantage over other students who decided to write a universal essay for all institutions. Besides, you may examine hundreds of available college admission essay topics.  
  • Every admission essay should be written from scratch, even if you plan to apply for the same program at various colleges. Approach every admission committee from a new perspective. You need to learn about their values and mission, if you want to write a personalized letter.
  • Be original when writing your paper. An outstanding admission essay has to differ from all others. Use a general essay structure and make it personalized by adding specific elements. The committee should have a clear picture of your personality. They need to see your experience and talents in all major related matters.
  • Do not choose more than three or four major points. Discuss every point in a separate paragraph. Avoid including an overwhelming quantity of details about yourself. Mention major traits that make you beneficial for this college. Use college admission essay samples as a guide if you are not sure about the right format.
  • The essay should have a clear and well-organized structure. Do not hop from one idea to another. Use your outline to mark transitions. It will help you stay on the right track. The essay should flow smoothly.

Always proofread no matter how good the paper may seem at first glance.